How Seebox works to educate learners in Electronics without an electronics teacher:

  • Educational Videos

    The learner watches animated videos explaining the basic concepts in Electronics in a tangible way.  The videos are kept short and simple, and the complexity increases gradually throughout the course, building on their knowledge.  There is an interesting story line as well.

  • Playboards

    After answering some questions to test their understanding, the learner does experiments on a PC-board, using real components. Only when they pass, they can proceed to the next concept. Learning is entirely self-paced. Experiential learning ensures that the knowledge gained is retained.

  • Record of Progress

    The Seebox keeps record of each learner’s progress, which helps the learner become more employable. Each learner is uniquely identified by their Learner ID Tag and a fingerprint scanner. Optionally, learners can also work in groups of up to five, with a record on the group’s progress.

Watch online Seebox tutorials on Electronic Engineering

  • Seebox storyline

  • What is voltage?

“Our son has insisted for many years that he wants to be an aircraft engineer.  And we found that Seebox is the perfect way to introduce him to the electronics world.  He thoroughly enjoys the sessions that he attends and can’t wait to go each week.  The Seebox experience has been fantastic so far and we would highly recommend kids with an interest in electronics and engineering to participate.”  – Anne, Parent