How Seebox works to educate learners in Electronics without an electronics teacher:

  • Educational Videos

    The learner watches animated videos explaining the basic concepts in Electronics in a tangible way.  The videos are kept short and simple, and the complexity increases gradually throughout the course, building on their knowledge.  There is an interesting story line as well.

  • Playboards

    After answering some questions to test their understanding, the learner does experiments on a PC-board, using real components. Only when they pass, they can proceed to the next concept. Learning is entirely self-paced. Experiential learning ensures that the knowledge gained is retained.

  • Record of Progress

    The Seebox keeps record of each learner’s progress, which helps the learner become more employable. Each learner is uniquely identified by their Learner ID Tag and a fingerprint scanner. Optionally, learners can also work in groups of up to five, with a record on the group’s progress.

Watch online Seebox tutorials on Electronic Engineering

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