• Electronics teacher's review of Seebox engineering educational solution

    An Educator’s Review of the Seebox

    Here is what Rassie van der Merwe, and Electronic Engineer of 37 years and Electronics Teacher for the past 5 years, has to say about the benefits of the Seebox solution for Electronic Engineering Education for kids:

  • Manenberg High received their new SeeBox for engineering education

    First Seeboxes delivered

    It has been a busy few months for the Seebox team, and we are proud to announce that the first Seeboxes have been delivered to their lucky owners. We have also shown the Seebox at 3 expo’s, where it was very well-received by stakeholders in education, and engineering education specifically. Our generous donors via Indiegogo […]

  • SeeBox launched at SA Teachers Union meeting

    Seebox launched at Teachers Conference

    Seebox first launch-event: After two and a half year’s full-time development, the innovative Seebox is now ready for the market.  It was launched last week at the SA Teachers Union Free State conference, with good feedback from teachers. The Seebox is a South African developed instrument that empowers schools to offer Electronics without requiring a […]

  • curious girl eager to learn

    10 Skills we wish we were taught in school

    Top 10 Skills we Wish we were Taught in School, But Usually Aren’t.   credit of Even though we learn a great deal in school, some of the most essential skills we need as adults aren’t universally, formally taught. Here are some of the subjects and skills we wish we’d learned in school early on (and which […]

  • Seebox receives Africa Entrepreneurship Award for Education

    Seebox wins at African Entrepreneurship Award

    Seebox won the Education category at the African Entrepreneurship Awards. The finals of the African Entrepreneurship Awards were held in Marrakech, Morocco from 5 to 12 October. During an intensive final round, the 34 finalists from over 5,000 entries from all over Africa were mentored by international business mentors to pitch their concepts for sustainable […]

  • you may be unemployed by 2030 if you do not choose the right career

    In 15 Years From Now Your Child Might Be Unemployed.

    In 15 Years From Now Your Child Might Be Unemployed.


    Did you know by 2030 many traditional careers will be replaced by technology?


    I’ve been an electronic engineer for 18 years and designed dozens of new products spanning many industries. I saw how often the great engineers got exposure to engineering when they were young, learning by being curious.

    So together with a team of engineers I set out to invent a device called SeeBox that will address the worldwide shortage of engineers by introducing young learners to the principles of electricity and electronics.

    SeeBox is an award-winning innovation, having been a finalist in the IPA, won 3 prizes at the SA Innovation Summit and is now a finalist in the AEAward.

    This device, the Seebox will enable all schools and every parent at home to create the next generation of EE engineers.

  • preparing your child for the technological era

    4 Tips to spark the engineer in your child

    4 Tips to spark the engineer in your child.

    In today’s technological world, every child needs to be tech-savvy. The world will only become more complex technology-wise, and our children will need to know how to interact with technology, while still remaining free-thinking, active members of society.

  • SeeBox tool for engineering education

    Introducing Seebox for Engineering Education

    Introducing Award-winning Seebox


    Unlocking an education in engineering for learners all over the world.

    Did you know that many traditional careers will become obsolete by 2030? The Scientific Engineering Education Box, or Seebox, wants to address the worldwide shortage of engineers by introducing young learners to the principles of electricity and electronics.