• Electronics Fundamentals Classes with Seebox

  • Electronics Fundamentals Classes

    Weekly hour-long self-paced sessions working through our gamified Seebox educational content, learning the Fundamentals of Electronics  & Electricity with videos, questions and experiments.

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  • Seebox Educational Content

    The Seebox’s educational content was created for high school learners, people working in a technical environment and anyone interested to learn more about electricity and electronics, using a practical hands-on approach.
    For the high school learner, Seebox offers the CAPS curriculum for the technical subjects of Electronics Technology, Digital Technology and Electrical Technology. The end goal is for such a learner to be able to write the national exam for the relevant subject at the end of Grade 12, should they wish.
    For the technical worker, there is official EWSETA accreditation in the form of recognised Unit Standards.
    Most importantly, anyone using Seebox will develop an in-depth understanding of the principles of Electrical- and Electronic Engineering, as well as a practical problem-solving mindset, which will benefit them in any future career.

  • Seebox Classes for the Learner

    Give your child the advantage and prepare them better for the technological future they will have to face.  Many traditional careers are predicted to be replaced by technology in the next 20 years. Although Electrical and Electronic Engineering are some of the most in-demand careers in South Africa, less than 4% of schools in South Africa offer these subjects.
    We offer 1-hour weekly classes via our Franchisees. The self-paced and gamified sessions are aimed at children from age 13 (though we have had some 11-year olds loving the Seebox).
    Seebox is for the inquisitive learner with an interest in engineering and electronics.

  • Workplace Skills Development

    This is for companies of any size and across multiple sectors, including technology, manufacturing and mining.  Companies are able to utilise their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds, and also Skills Development Levies to upskill their workers.  Seebox offers them EWSETA accreditation for workers who have completed the course.
    Our franchisee will come to your workplace with the Seeboxes.  Workers work at their own pace, gaining technical skills that will benefit them and the company.

    About claiming your Skills Development Levies back.

    How to register as a Skills Development Facilitator

    More info on SDL

  • What Seebox offers Companies

    • Requires no investment in equipment, personnel or content.
    • Training is done on-site, and only takes 1 hour of the worker’s time per week.
    • Practical hands-on and self-paced learning ensures that it is not just a talk shop for the worker. They have to master every concept before they can move on to the next.
    • Companies get a 20% tax break on their SDLs.
    • The worker gets credits for the relevant EWSETA Unit Standard.
    • Because of the individual progress tracking and reporting, the employer can identify workers with untapped potential.
    • The company can sponsor young people to complete the Electricity Fundamentals course, identifying the best people to employ, and earning B-BBEE Corporate Social Investment points in the process.
    • After 3 months of weekly training sessions, the end result is a more skilled, productive worker.
  • What Parents and Experts say about Seebox

    • “Our son is currently 13 and really likes the informal manner in which he can learn very interesting facts through Seebox. He enjoys that the learning process is self-paced and his favourite part is to do the practical experiments.  From the parent’s perspective, the learning material is systematic & structured and uses visualisation to explain the concepts effectively.  The practical application built into the programme helps to ensure that the concepts are understood.”   –   Emetia, Parent
    • “Seebox makes sure the learner understand the concepts of electronics, it is not just parrot-style learning.” – Rassie van der Merwe, Retired engineer and electronics teacher.

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    • “Our son has insisted for many years that he wants to be an aircraft engineer.  And we found that Seebox is the perfect way to introduce him to the electronics world.  He thoroughly enjoys the sessions that he attends and can’t wait to go each week.  The facilitators are great and encourage him to solve problems on his own, but are there to assist whenever needed.  The Seebox experience has been fantastic so far and we would highly recommend kids with an interest in electronics and engineering to participate.”  – Anne, Parent
    • “I have seen this apparatus in use and the excitement that it brought to my Grade 7 learners.  We are dealing with a technologically savvy generation, who are eager to learn from and engage with game-based technology.”  –  Don Angus, Science Teacher