How SeeBox works to educate learners in Electronics without a teacher needed:

  • Educational Videos

    The child watches an animated video about a basic concept in Electronics.  The videos are kept short and simple, and the complexity increases gradually throughout the course, building on their knowledge.  There is an interesting storyline to stimulate their imagination. See below.

  • Playboards

    Then the child does an experiment on a PC-Board, using real components, and when they pass, they can proceed to the next concept. After a course they have built something tangible to show their friends. Experiential learning ensures that the knowledge gained is retained .

  • Record of Progress

    The SeeBox keeps record of each child’s progress, which can be used to make that child more employable. Each learner is uniquely identified by their Learner ID Tag and a fingerprint scanner. Learners can also work in groups of up to five, with a record on the group’s progress.

Watch online SeeBox tutorials on Electronic Engineering

  • SeeBox storyline

  • What is voltage?